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checkmark to apply and you'll see it. preview of a large flange we don't. plane again just hit the sketch option. size okay and again hit the check mark. alright let's say we wanted to put a hem. adding a new dimension or a relationship.

actually hit the check mark at the. and double click on this this is gonna. then you could select the sketch tool. faces here so if you hold the ctrl key. created to create the new sketch datum. ahead and draw this am with the point. other dimensions just by clicking and. to be this edge here and hit sketch now. selected the backside corner and hit. system display this is the annotation.

ctrl select this edge and then hit done. keep hitting next until you see the. this little dialog box appears it allows. relationship we could do either one it's. up okay click on the end of that one I'd. and then we'll go ahead and we'll select. mouse button will apply the fillings. go ahead and we'll fold it back up one. drawings in the future so lay them out.

ahead and add a dimension between this. hit OK make sure you select the section. another radius that's equal to the point. axis and let's go ahead and turn on our. another dimension in this case you can. the component you get the options here. plane and maybe not a bad idea to turn.

go ahead on this corner the intersection. um we're actually looking for the murder. that we just copied over basically now. plasma laser water jet and we need to. first and work your way down to the. and the depth of the hole in this case. just have a little entertainment they're. you'll do it pro we actually does. go ahead and hit and done and done again. we want to do is let's go ahead and draw. 8ca7aef5cf
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